Do Readers Still Desire In-Depth Content?

Time Magazine’s Best-Selling 36-Page Cover Article on Healthcare’s ‘Dirty Secrets’ Answers with a Resounding Yes

There is an accepted wisdom these days in publishing, brand journalism and content marketing that readers – or prospects or customers – no longer want to read longer articles or white papers. The thinking goes that, with the avalanche of content and tweets and links and webinars and infographics, people don’t have time to focus for a more than a few minutes on any piece of content.

However, I remember an old marketing adage from years ago that I still think holds true today: you need to attract people with shorter content, but when somebody is really interested in a topic and is ready to learn, you better have the complete story. Continue reading


Generate Abundant & High-Quality Content — Repurpose

Many content marketers worry about how to fill their blogs or web sites or twitter feeds with a stream of continuous, compelling content. Unfortunately I see too much content that is (to put it nicely) underwhelming; most of it is generated only for quantity reasons, not quality.

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What is Content Marketing?

In today’s digital, social, and content-rich world, when people are curious about ideas or products they often go online and check it out. They read reviews, check out competing websites, Google it, and check in with their social networks on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. In fact, new research shows that 57% of buyers today don’t engage with a vendor until they’ve done their own initial research.

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